JSC Rusatom Overseas (a Rosatom company) was established in 2011 in order to promote Russian nuclear technologies in the global market.

Since the company had developed its business and fully achieved its goals by 2015, Rosatom State Corporation Strategic Council made a decision to split JSC Rusatom Overseas into two companies: JSC Rusatom Overseas Inc. and Rusatom Energy International Joint-Stock Company.

Rusatom Energy International Joint-Stock Company (REIN JSC) specializes in managing international projects for the construction and operation of Russian-designed nuclear power plants (NPPs) based on equity ownership in project companies.

As a managing company, REIN JSC is responsible for arrangement of financing, and ensuring return on investment and profitability of funds invested in projects within agreed budgets and schedules. Looking forward, the Company will also be tasked with managing efficient and safe NPP operation, as well as organizing sales of electricity generated at NPPs in foreign markets.

In May 2022, Rosatom State Corporation appointed REIN JSC a competence center for promotion, marketing and contracting of Rosatom products in the Republic of Türkiye. This integrating role comprises several areas of responsibility including support of on-schedule implementation of Rosatom’s current projects and contracts, pre-contract work and contracting of products, development of integrated product offerings, holding consultations etc.